January 10, 2013 @ 2:49 PM

Life and equipment problems are interfering with my UFOs!  After being ill for a few days, I was committed to churn out a bunch of squares on my embroidery machine.  In the middle of an applique process, two screws went quietly dropping off the frame in the middle of a stitch out which caused the whole thing to go off registration.  You can see in this photo.

After crawling around on the floor in the vicinity of my machine in search of the rogue minature screws-from-hell (which I did find), I decided to start fresh on another day.  

The good news is I do not give up easily.   Not to be outdone, my multitasking problem solving skills came to the rescue.  In the matter of 3 nights in front of the TV which usually is average 1-2 hrs. per night, I completed 80 quilting squares.  

As a footnote, while in Hanover at a local quilting store, I picked up a jelly roll and a layer cake.  The quilt is called Jelly Cake of course.  The fabric is Moda Cuzco by Kate Spain.  Here is a picture of the scrapes from the jelly roll.  Festive looking stuff!

May sew these together to add some interest in the back.  The first night was spent cutting.  

Second night was spent sewing jelly roll cuts to the layer cake cuts.  (Yes, of course, I put a sewing machine in front of the TV).  

The third night was spent squaring up all the squares.  (No dog was harmed in the making of this quilt.).  The dogs, maybe sensing I was on a mission, kept a respectful distance.  

Now to figure out the layout.  

Happy UFO.


PS:  BTW, this pattern is a Craftsy course, "Quilting Quickly".