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Princess Panties ®
Dog Pants for Females

Princess Panties® were created with the sighthound physique in mind. The dog pants are embroidered with a fun design and are constructed with prequilted material, PUL (polyurethane laminate), flannel or diaper cloth and binding. The Princess Pants® may be used for bitches in season, incontinence problems, marking or general housebreaking.

Elastic and hook and loop tape help ensure the dog pants stay in place on the slim physique of our sighthounds. The PUL adds a waterproof protection to prevent leakage.   For extra protection, a feminine liner may be placed in the middle for absorption.

Shop the online store for mostly medium and large pants or get an idea of what design and color combinations are available - dog pants for girls now.  Call or email to get a current list of in stock items.  If you prefer to choose the color and design yourself, click on the link below. 


Click here to save money when you buy 2 pants.  


Testimonials or comments from customers


“These pants worked out great! I need another pair!”

Diane Divin                         

“These are better than anything I’ve bought in the store.”

                   Jenn Schorr                        

“Nothing else works or stays on better than these pants.”

Celeste Johnson